I put the website up a few weeks back but it wasn’t until much more recently that I got to creating any concepts for content. I went into this all with an outline of what I might do and it was a lot. I figured I would have narrowed it down by now, and in some sense, I have. I haven’t discarded any major categories of items I want to include, but I did smash a few together to make more sense of it all.

None of this really matters because instead of writing this, I should be working on writing actual content, as opposed to creating content about creating content. I suppose an “influencer” out there somewhere could be maintaining a channel where they record everything in documentary style, ala The Office or perhaps the more contemporary Abbott Elementary.

Anyways, I’m going to go do that now. I think I just need to process my process on virtual paper for a minute. Thanks for reading if you bothered to get this far.

Be well, stay lifted.

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