Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone’s got questions and hopefully, I’ve got your answer! Here are some questions I’ve been asked.

Do you accept insurances, and if so, which ones? Can I pay in cash or with a credit card?

Yes, I do accept insurance, credit cards, and cash payments via Venmo, Paypal, or CashApp. I will primarily bill through one of my services, so you will receive an invoice, and can pay any session fees through there, whether the entire fee, or just your copay. For a full listing of accepted insurances, I suggest checking out my Alma Profile.

Do you offer a sliding scale for clients?

Yes. I have already set my rates very low in comparisons to most people you will see with equal credentials. I do my best to scale my rate for low-income earners or those in financial hardship too. If you come under a hardship after we’ve established a standard rate of pay (non-insurance clients), let me know and we will adjust your pay to something more manageable for you.

Also, for clients seeking far lower rates, you can visit my profile at Open Path Collective, and register with them to determine if you’re eligible for a significantly reduced rate. Then, we’ll talk about what your rate will be.

Medicaid clients will receive a 30% discount on my normal out-of-pocket rate.

Your website says you offer “Cannabis-assisted Psychotherapy”. What is that and I am required to do that to see you?

Cannabis-assisted Psychotherapy (CAP) is a specific treatment approach that utilize intentional cannabis use prior to session to open a client up to greater empathic mobility by enhancing cognitive flexibility and emotional acceptance. Practitioners out there will all do this a little differently. With my approach, I blend several different evidence-based practice in our sessions to provide you with a tailored approach to healing. CAP is not required and it is only offered to clients who are eligible for it. You will sign additional consents to participate in this form of therapy and you must be deemed healthy enough to participate.

Do you provide cannabis for me to participate in Cannabis-assisted Psychotherapy?

No, I do not. One of the requirements to be eligible for CAP is you must be registered in your state’s Medical Marijuana Program (or equivalent). If and when the interstate Counseling Compact passes in New York, that will allow me to provide services outside of New York. After that time, I may consider opening up services more broadly, to say, anyone in a state where recreational cannabis sales are legal.

I have New York State Medicaid. Can I see you for therapy?

The short answer is yes! The long answer is maybe. It depends on how your Medicaid coverage is setup. If you have Medicaid without a Managed Care Organization (MCO), then I can take you on immediately, assuming I have slots available on my caseload.

If you have a MCO for your Mental Health coverage, then it will vary, as I am still in the process of credentialing with individual providers. At the time of this writing I can take on Medicaid clients in New York with the following MCOs, availability permitting:

  • UnitedHealthcare (Community Plan)
  • MVP Healthcare

I have ten spots for Medicaid clients on my caseload. I cannot accept Medicaid in New Jersey at this time.

I work 9-5 like so many people. Do you keep weekends or evening hours?

Yes, I do! I keep evening hours on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. These spots do tend to fill quickly and stay occupied for long lengths of time. If you require a specific time slot, please inform me of that during our first meeting so we can discuss your preferred time.

Will my appointment time change every week or will it stay the same?

For the most part each person I work with has a time slot locked in. Sometimes they need to change it once in awhile, and that’s fine. I will always prefer to keep your time consistent each week as long as it works for you. If you need a floating appointment, that is also acceptance, but note that you will be at the mercy of everyone else’s schedule and a previous vacancy may not be available.

What states are you licensed in?

Currently, I am licensed in New York and New Jersey and can provide my full range of service to clients living in both states, including cannabis-assisted psychotherapy.