Hellos, Goodbyes, New Horizons

It feels as though I’ve been away from the blog for so long! If you’ve been following my socials, you know I haven’t actually gone anywhere. I’ve been busy with my life transition and growing my Youtube presence. The latter is is supported by all the videos I’ve been putting out lately and the former is a bit more complicated than that. There’s been a lot that has happened.

It’s been awhile, so let’s catch-up!

Near the end of May I put in the required 30-days noticed of my resignation from my full-time job. It was a decision that I reached after months and months of inner debate. It was time to move on and finally go completely into private practice. I had to do it for myself and I had to do it for the clients I know I want to serve moving forward. Knowing that didn’t make the decision easier, but it did motivate me.

This was a decision that was always going to be. All the goals I’d created over the past ten years were slowly accomplished one by one. This was the reward, to be my own boss and dictate my own hours, treatment models, and still deliver high quality care, without all the red tape of an agency. I just had to figure out how I want going to maintain my family’s quality of life during this transition. When I knew I could get by with the clients I was already working with, it became time to make that decision.

Then something really magical happened. So many other clients requested to stay on with me. I began a scramble to credential with a variety of payers I hadn’t considered, and while that process is ongoing, and a disorganized mess (not for my part), it’s led to the best possible outcome imaginable for my career and all my clients, I think.

So now, I’m totally independent and taking on new clients. It’s been a very wild ride but I finally made it and I’m a mix of anxious and elated. It’s very hard to describe beyond that, but I know that it’s an adjustment. I anticipated that and regardless of the nagging self-doubt at times, I remember to use the tools at my disposal, the same way I would advise clients to. I remember to ground myself when it gets too intene. I communicate how I feel to my partner. I’m meeting myself where I’m at on this day, this hour, this moment. I’m accepting reality as it is, recording the facts and allowing them to determine my path forward.

All-in-all, it’s feels like a brand new me in many ways. I’m ready for the future and hope that I can continue to bring you good content here, there, and everywhere.

Thanks for stopping by all! Be well, and Stay Lifted!

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