Hey everyone!

I’m not sure how you found me but I’m glad you’re here. So I’m just getting the ball rolling on the website. I’ve also registered on a few socials, but it will be some time before I get any actual content going on them.

I suspect that over the next several months you’ll be seeing a lot of my plants. The header I chose for this website is one of my favorite grows. It’s a Lemon Pineapple plant from 710 Genetics. It was actually a freebie I received, but after checking out that Leafly link and doing a bit of research on the breeder, I figured, what’s the heck, let’s grow her. She grew wide and lanky but she finished great. As I write this, she’s influencing every keystroke. Cannabis is a beautiful thing. But I wanted to tell you that story so there’s a written record of it, just in case anybody asks.

In any case, feel free to poke around and give me feedback. Do your best to break it, just have fun while you’re doing it, okay? I appreciate you. Stay lifted.

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