Mission Statement

Welcome to Highly Motivated Life, a portal to content about cannabis, counseling, and discussion on how one, or both, can help you achieve a higher potential.

My mission statement is multi-faceted. Here is what I seek to accomplish:

I want to help everyone understand that cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle. I want to show you that it can enhance the therapeutic experience. I want to educate people on the benefits of cannabis, increase awareness of its effectiveness, and pass all of this along through practice.

I want to showcase my personal progress as a home grower of cannabis and prove to you it’s possible to engage with your medicine on a higher level. If I can do it with essentially no prior knowledge, I know you can too.

I want to share real experiences with you, both from my personal life and from my work in counseling. I want to help you see your problems differently, more manageable, and ultimately as something you can overcome.

I want to engage with people directly in counseling to help them heal their anxiety and depression, with or without the use of cannabis. I want to help you set goals and achieve them.