My Approaches

The techniques I employ in therapy are tailored to each client, but there are certain approaches that I draw from regularly, blending them together to find what works for you. In my 10+ years of working as a psychotherapist, I’ve gained experience with many techniques, but in my everyday work, I utilize Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (for which I am certified), Motivational Interviewing, and Trauma-informed approaches.

The people I work best with are trying to make changes in their lives, but may be struggling for one reason or another. The clients that I have had the most success with over the years are those battling anxiety, depression, or actively struggle with alcohol or cannabis use.

In our initial sessions, I may begin with teaching you about Mindfulness as a concept, and provide you with daily practices to help center you as you begin and end each day. The integral parts of this therapy include breathwork, relaxation exercises, and guided imagery, to name a few. Where we go from there can vary, but these tools are what I consider “therapy essentials”.

I also like to teach introspective methods and guide clients on journeys of important self-discovery. I like to explore the role of relationships, and discuss stages of change. Journaling can be a significant part of the work that happens between sessions, and I like to give people homework.

When working with those seeking to recover from one or more substances that may be endangering their lives, helping them understand their relationship with their drug(s) of choice is another essential component. I’ll never try to “make you quit”, but it’s important to also recognize not everyone can utilize substances and lead a fully functional life. Many still can learn to manage their intake of substances and find success.

I firmly believe that for many people, the right cultivars of cannabis can have significant therapeutic value when utilized in an individual counseling session alongside clinical interventions. For those that want to explore Cannabis-assisted counseling in our sessions, I am available for that and, in fact, I’d like for it to become the focus of my work as a therapist some day.

Thanks for stopping by to learn about my practice!