Client Policies

Clients are eligible for services if they have been previously diagnosed, are currently diagnosed, or believe they might be diagnosed, with any of the following disorders:

  • Major Depressive Disorder (not severe) or Bipolar Disorder (I and II)
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (or Anxiety)
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or Acute Stress Disorder
  • Cannabis use Disorder or Alcohol use Disorder

Clients requesting to engage in cannabis-related counseling must be enrolled in the New York State Medical Marijuana Program (NYS MMJP). A copy of your certification and card will be requested prior to enrollment if they have not been uploaded with your intake form.

Clients need not be cannabis users to enroll for services. Clients seeking Cannabis-assisted counseling approaches may be given greater scheduling priority. I aim to make this my primary modality in the future.

I can and do accept clients who are using Methadone, Suboxone, or other forms of medication assisted treatment. Please indicate this when completing your intake form.

Please note I will not engage in Cannabis-assisted counseling with clients that have a history of any psychotic disorder. Similarly, those with significant or severe symptoms of any personality disorder cannot be taken on. As a telehealth counselor, I may not be able to provide you with the appropriate level of care needed to manage your condition.

Documentation Policies

I can provide documentation to any medical professionals considered to be in your circle of care. Your doctor’s office will have to request information from me via completed HIPAA form.

I can and will provide letters for an Emotional Support Animal. This documentation requires you be in care with me for a minimum of three months. For those needing something sooner, please email me to discuss privately. Please note there is a fee associated with this service.

I cannot complete paperwork for social security income or disability. You will need a psychiatrist or primary care provider to assist you, based on the reason you are applying for said benefit.

Sessions Polices

All sessions will be performed remotely, via video interface (preferred) or phone. You will be required to keep your camera on for the duration of our session.

Clients must be located in their home and in a private and secure setting for the duration of our session. Kids or pets visiting every once in awhile is okay, I understand!

Clients are asked to test their connection prior to our session to ensure good connectivity. I can provided some tech support prior to our initial session if needed.

Clients participating in Cannabis-assisted counseling may opt to be under the influence of cannabis during our sessions. This is sanctioned and a significant part of the work we will do. As your counselor, I will never be under the influence of any substance during our session. Ethical considerations and licensing board requirements do not permit counselors to be intoxicated during service delivery.

Cancellation Policies

Clients that have not arrived 15 minutes after the start of their session for a 30-minute appointment or 25 minutes after the start of their session for longer appointments, will be charged a no-show fee and their appointment will be cancelled.

Clients may cancel their appointment up to 24 hours prior to their appointment time. Any cancellation requests sent less than 24 hours prior to their schedule time will result in a cancellation fee.

Sessions rates will vary based on your insurance. Similarly, your insurance may also set visit limits. I cannot negotiate either for you unfortunately!

Payment Policies

Clients opting for cash payment will have their rate determined on a sliding scale. I accept payment through Paypal or Venmo. Payments must be made prior to session time. Invoices can be provided as needed.

For cash-paying clients: Your must live in and be physically located within New York State at the time of service per telehealth guidelines.

Payment is expected by close of session. If you cannot submit payment around the time of service, please notify me prior to connecting for our session.

See my Fee Schedule for further information.

Discharge Policies

Ideally, discharge is performed with consent of the client. However, due to the cost of living and a strong, personal desire to provide services to those ready and willing to engage in services, I may have to discharge clients for a variety of reasons. Those reasons include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Failure to pay for sessions as required. Two or more missed payment will likely result in discharge.
  • Two consecutive no-shows without contact will result in suspension from services for two weeks prior to readmission.
  • Failure to provide payment for accrued no-show fees. Three or more missed payments will likely result in discharge from services.
  • Clients that fail to respond to text, phone, or other communications will be discharged from services after three attempts at outreach or within 14 days of last service.