Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by! I figured it was about time to make a post outlining what you can expect as far as content is concerned, and when you should see it. I’ve already starting to put things up on Youtube and the Podcast is two episodes deep now as well.

As for videos, I’m going to shoot for weekly grow video updates, medical marijuana reviews, and a discussion segment I’m calling “Chill & Chat”. You should see a video for each of these about once per week, but we’ll see how time goes. More on that later.

The podcast will feature a rotating weekly topic, usually a mental health topic or something substantive that folks can integrate into their coping skills on the daily. I may also periodically talk about some of the news surrounding cannabis legalization, scientific study, or some other interesting topic.

So, here’s the “Content Schedule” I’m aiming for. I’ll admit it’s ambitious, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Grow VideosWeekly, on Mondays
MMJ ReviewsBiweekly, on Wednesdays
Chill & ChatWeekly, on Saturdays
Resource VideosMonthly, includes meditations, guided imageries, etc.
Harvest Videos3-4 months, when harvests happen!
Podcast EpisodesWeekly, on Sundays

I want the channel to be a good mix of counseling resources, including things I use in my practice that I will share with you freely, and my cannabis-focused projects too. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll even do some streaming, but for now, this is what I’ll be getting up on the socials. Also, I’ll be cross-posting the content here to populate the website!

Really though, thank you for checking out the site, and another big thank you to everyone who is supporting me on my journey to break the chains and shoot for the stars on this simultaneously personal and professional project. I hope that you’ll enjoy walking on this journey with me.

Be well folks, and Stay Lifted.

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